Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Churches, The Bible and Social Networking

A lot of churches are realizeing they need to reach out to the community.
Also a lot of people are realizing they need to fill the spiritual void but are not
comfortable in the church environment.

I came across this link to a United Church in Toronto I pass on a daily basis.
Check out their online website, it has blogging, video, polls and much more.

The link is

One thing great about the church I go to (The Sanctuary is that the sermons are about issues we are interested in. When Davinci Code the movie came out we discussed it on 3 sundays and during the week the pastoral team went with some of the congregation to the movie.

I came across an article that lead me to this church, Southwood Lutheran and they realized that their youth congregation was watching Greys Anatomy and that the show brought up some good questions. They did a series of sermons on it. Kudos to them. It is in hopes more churches will do this possibly with other shows, music kids listen to etc. God finds relevant teaching in the oddest places you just have to look closely.

Hopefully this trend will continue on these sites and at other churches.
Someone sent along a link to a site that has a list of great church websites you can check it out at:

But its not just about church sites though, people are creating their own sites, blogs etc in order to reach out and network to find the answers they need. One example that just started but I am sure will be a big hit is This site just started but from connecting with the creator of this site I know its going to be a much talked about site in 2007

Even television is getting revolutionary with new religious comedys like Little Mosque on the Prarie. I know I am going to be watching it tonight. Be sure to click on the Watch Clip tab for a good laugh.

Thanks to those who have sent me links. I am going to start posting these at but here is a ist of some of the one I have been sent:

Community Mobilization: Social Network Analysis in the Bible

Social Network and Bible Names

Social Networks in the Bible

eBible Launches - Social Network for Bible Study

If you have a link to a really cool church website or a list of them email me at and I will post it here.

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