Saturday, November 28, 2009

Facebook security hole - People posting to walls as Chris Williams but its not him

I notified Facebook of the issue and that I have not logged into facebook at all on November 28th until 8:00 pm that evening to report the incident. Since Facebook should be tracking IP they should be able to track who it was that hacked the system. As well they should be able to track which website the link was to and who owns it. I look forward to Facebook pressing charges against the person and letting me know what actions they will be taking.

I know the Canadian Government already had issues with them having privacy issues. I look forward to their response and will report their intentions on reacting to this situation. If you hear no response on this blog it means I got no response from facebook. In the meantime be careful of any hyperlinks

If you have any comments to make please make them to this blog. If you have been hacked too or experience the same situation please post it too. The more facebook realizes the issue the more they will be willing to fix it.

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