Saturday, February 28, 2015

Security Warning for TD Customers

Today I 925 am I got a call from TD claiming that my card was lost or stolen or possibly compromised.  They told me to stay on the line and they would ask some security questions.  I immediately hung up thinking it was a phishing scam.  I called the TD Customer service number and waited on the line for 18 minutes.  In the meantime I googled the phone number 1-866-975-0925 and found it was in fact TD.

I call them back and sat on the queue, once a rep answered I explained to him what happened and told him that if he could not find anything then possibly there was an internal phishing scam within TD as which he responded that possibly it was not TD that called me.  I iterated the phone # that called me and he continued looking.  After a few  minutes he came back on the line and said he had not found anything.  I told him if he could still not find anything that I needed his employee number and then needed to be transferred to a manager.  After a few minutes he transferred me to a manager so assuming he still found nothing.  When I reached the manager I then asked for the previous employees reference # 507644.  He then told me that he found that they mis-dialed the number and it was for another customer.  His employee reference # is 507 699.  I asked him what was going to be done to resolve this situation in future and he said he could not tell me that.  Thus I am writing this article to tell others to be aware of these calls and dont provide security information.  Rather hang up and dial the number that called you.  Ask to speak immediately to a manager and confirm they were calling you before providing any information.

I am looking forward to hearing from TD regarding this situation and how they are going to resolve it in future.  I am not currently a TD customer but if I was and I answered the security questions on the phone, it would have given that person access to my account to do whatever. This is an extreme privacy and security breach to customers.  If I hear a response from TD I will keep you posted.  If you dont see and additional comments then you know that there was not resolution and should be very careful when dealing with TD.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our Dept To Planet Earth

If we made our business decisions by thinking if it is good for Planet Earth we would make very different decisions.  That is the premise of this blog.

If we hold businesses accountable for their decisions that are good or bad for planet earth then they will continue to make good ones.

Check out the Dept To Planet Earth blog.

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