Saturday, November 28, 2009

Facebook security hole - People posting to walls as Chris Williams but its not him

I notified Facebook of the issue and that I have not logged into facebook at all on November 28th until 8:00 pm that evening to report the incident. Since Facebook should be tracking IP they should be able to track who it was that hacked the system. As well they should be able to track which website the link was to and who owns it. I look forward to Facebook pressing charges against the person and letting me know what actions they will be taking.

I know the Canadian Government already had issues with them having privacy issues. I look forward to their response and will report their intentions on reacting to this situation. If you hear no response on this blog it means I got no response from facebook. In the meantime be careful of any hyperlinks

If you have any comments to make please make them to this blog. If you have been hacked too or experience the same situation please post it too. The more facebook realizes the issue the more they will be willing to fix it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Tips and Tools to Research the Social Web

Someone brought this article to my attention and after reading it, I thought it would be good to share it with the group. These are solid tips so please read them and pass them on to anyone you know that is trying to build a strong social network:

If you have any articles, tips, tricks, or resources you would like to share please email them to Susan Fischer at and we will post them.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

digitweet - twitter fans this is your tool!!!

I got introduced to this the other day. For you twitter fans there is no better application than this. Its still in beta and the creators are still making it better every day. You will need SilverLight 2.0 to get the best experience from it but the download is worth it.

Check it out at:

If you come across any tools you think the group would find useful please email them to Susan Fischer at and we will post them here.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Using Twitter More Efficently

People have been asking for help on how to use twitter more efficently and effectively.

STEP 1: Read Amanda Edwards-McArthur's article on useful twitter tools:

STEP 2: Taking a look at my friend, Jeff Pontes' blog on 10 ways to use twitter more effectively:

STEP 3: Read this article on How To Make Twitter A Powerful networking Tool. A friend of mine named Ann recommended this one.

As I come across more tools or ways to use twitter more efficiently and effectively I will list them here but for now please read the articles above, they are really useful.

Thanks Amanda and Jeff and Ann for sharing these blog entry.

If you have any tips, tricks or resources you think the other portal members would benefit from please email them to Susan Fischer at and we will post them here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I want to pick my own ads

It has been talked about and brainstormed for a while but now someone has actually done it.
This will revolutionize ad serving. If only we could do this with conventional advertisement. Someone could click a button on their tv remote and tell them not to show that commercial again.

You can check out the article at:

or check out their beta program at:

If you come across something you think people need to hear about social media and social networking please email Susan Fischer at and we will post it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

facebook new terms of use

For anyone using facebook, please take the time to check this out and comment on it.
This will affect how we all use facebook now and in the future:

If you don't check it out and comment on it now, you have no right to complain later so please check it out and pass it on to anyone you know uses facebook.

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