Saturday, March 12, 2016

Social Media Marketing Tips

When first getting started with Social Media Marketing there are a few tips that can save you some frustrations. This article will be a growing article with tips and tricks for you.  As it grows, look for a refined set of articles on on

Facebook Ads

What is the difference between a boost and an ad?

There is a big difference between a post boost and a Facebook Ad. A boost means that your post will appear in people's feeds but has sponsored below in small letters.  Ads are simply that they appear in the ad locations on the page.

I have done some research with my audience and found that Boosts outperform Ads for my specific audience. This makes sense because when you are on Facebook, you are looking at your news feed. As ads are not your prime focus they need to draw your attention away.  I recommend boosting a post over creating an ad.

What days should I boost?

This is relative based on your audience.  The nice thing about a boost is you can set a small budget for one day and test it out. I looked at the post on my page that was getting the most traction by clicking on insights.  If there is a lot of likes views and comments then that is a good post to test.  Boost that post and see if the organic vs paid ratio of reach goes up.  Then see if the likes and comments go up as well.  The way to see which ones came from paid is to go to manage ads  This will show you exactly what came to the post from the ad.  I used this to determine the best days to boost.

Things To Do Before you boost

Once you boost a post you will not be able to edit it.  This is important for a few reasons:

  1. You must be sure your content is exactly how you want it because you cannot edit.
  2. If you copy your post to co-post on Instagram or other social media, sometimes the easiest way is to click edit and copy the post. Once you boost you cannot do this.
If you have any tips for social media marketing please email me at and we will post it here.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Learn About Social Networking on Read Watch Create

Social Networking as come a long way since the early days of LinkedIn.  There are new platforms being created all the time and it takes a lot to weed through them all and find the ones that you should be using and learning. 

Read Watch Create is helping you do that weeding and helping you optimize your usage by suggesting tools to help you analyze, and post more efficiently.  Check out our Learn About Social Media Platforms section of ReadWatchCreate.

If there are tools or advice you have on social networking platforms or if you have questions reach out to me at

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