Thursday, October 27, 2011

unthink? Who is using it?

I heard today about unthink so I thought I would check it out from my Android Phone.

Firstly, it complained my safari on Android was out of date. Following that I tried to register with and it claimed invalid email address. I got my colleague to register with his hotmail account and it finally finished registration only to tell me I would get emailed a code which never arrived.

Is this site really legitimate? If so I would love an invitation so I could to a proper review of your site. It sound very interesting but interesting is only good if you can use it.

I would love to use it and look forward to an invitation please send one to Susan Fischer at susan@clinchportal or Chris Williams at and we will write a review on this blog for your site.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Congratulations to LinkedIn on reaching 100 million members

In less than a decade LinkedIn has finally reached 100 million members.
Looking back over the 10 years, I see the many contracts I have gained,
the many friends I have met and got back in touch with, the business leads
I have obtained, and more importantly the many people I have had the opportunity
to help fulfill their goals.

Here is LinkedIn's official announcement:

I am sure there are many stories on how LinkedIn has helped us all over the years.
There have been good and bad decisions made but we all have to admin that it has been
a useful tool for all of us.

The question now remains: Will LinkedIn push forward into the next decade or will tools s
such as Branch Out and others carry on the torch?

I look forward to hear some of your stories and where you would like to see LinkedIn go in the future.

Jeff Pontes Social Media Search