Monday, February 06, 2012

History in the Making: Airing on Netflix first

Today is a day we will remember in history as the second time a show (Lilyhammer) has aired on the web before airing on tv.  The first being How to Make Love To My Wife on before Slice TV.

Let's keep this coming and force the new era of not being tied to cable but remember it was David Cockton, Pary Bell and the entire Digital Media team at Alliance Atlantis that were the pioneers of proper implementation of web based video programming and the 10 second pre-roll (Rob Fullerton).  Take a look at the original ground breaker: How to Make Love To My Wife on there is a lot of interactive content available to go with it.

I look forward to watching the complete series of Lilyhammer tonight (8 episodes) on Netflix as well, I look forward to feedback on your watching experience.

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