Friday, September 28, 2007

John Horsley welcomes you to Marzar with open arms.

It seems LinkedIn is continuing down the road of Lion hunting. At the same time people like John Horsley are embracing us. They realize that we are valuable resources that Social Networking is about Paying it forward and that we need to be supportive of each other and encourage meeting new people, encourage networking.

I have checked out Marzar and there are a lot of good features here. Its still in beta but is very stable. There is a lot of work to be done but that is where we come in. We can really help John out a lot by using his application and telling him where it could be improved and would help make it easier for us to use. It works to our benefit too as we will help build the application we need to help us network better.

I look forward to networking with you on Marzar. I have kept my contact set to open so anyone can connect with me. This falls into my belief that everyone has to opportunity to help everyone else its all in the timing so connect with everyone and eventually the opportunity will present itself.

Happy Networking. If you have any questions as always email me at or

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Facebook's $10 million giveaway

I have heard this name around in a few places about Parkey, but their website is a simple one pager. Recently I heard that Facebook bought them.

Parakey is the brainchild of Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt who created the
hugely popular Mozilla FireFox web browser. The two men have agreed to join
Facebook to work on that site. Given the impressive resumes, it seems that the
deal was as much about acquiring 2 minds as it was about the Parakey site.

Now it makes more sense that in recent news, the FB Fund. These guys are programmers and understand the spaces and the battles that they went through with powerhouses in the market. This initiative is a huge deal. Being a developer it means a lot when a company comes out and give grants like this. Especially when they are not asking for equity.

My prediction is still that last quarter 2008 will be the next big Social Networking GoldRush. Everyone is predicting resession, the public is already prepared, using Facebook and LinkedIn, and in Down times is when people really focus on network, network, network. This happened in 2000 after the dot com crash and it will happen again now.

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