Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LinkedIn Enhanced Security Measures?

I logged into linkedin this morning and saw the security banner:

To change your password and take advantage of our enhanced security measures, click here.

I clicked on the link and it prompts for the email address. I enter email address click on the button.
It then tells me it emailed me and prompts to click the button to check my email. This takes me to hotmail but no email arrived. Even checked my Junk Mail. Is this enhanced security measure working? Are too many people clicking it that the email server is not keeping up?

I hope its the latter that would show the amount of people concerned about their security. I look forward to comments.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Did LinkedIn Get Hacked? Either way I recommend you change your password

Regardless of whether they got hacked or not. It is always a best practice to change
your password often on sites where you are sharing information.

Business Insider - LinkedIn Hacked

So either way, whether there was a hack or not I suggest you change your password for LinkedIn like I did.

Update: LinkedIn Did get hacked and they are suggesting steps to protect yourself.
Checkout the LinkedIn Blog for details.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Is the next big wave at the door? From the recent buying spree I am thinking it is.

Here is a list of some buys or rumors of buys over the past couple days:

Salesforce buys Buddy Media

Google Buys QuickOffice

Google is buying Meebo

Oracle buys Collective Intellect

Oracle recently also purchased Virtue

Not long ago LinkedIn bought slideshare

Facebook bought Instagram

Something major is happening in Social/Digital Media and the major players are preparing. What is going on? If anyone has any insight into the next big thing please comment on this post.

Jeff Pontes Social Media Search