Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Social Networking For Kids

The growing trend seems to be to teach networking to kids when they are young.I came across a few websites where an attempt at this has been made. Both seemto be Disney based but one is miles ahead of the other.

The first is bunnytown. I like the aspect of allowing them to control their bunnyand earn carrots by playing games. They then get to spend their carrots on their homeand decorating their bunny. Its kind of a yoville for kids.


The other is a lot more flashier and has a couple really cool features thatare very ingenious. The site is Pixie Hollow and its out there for the new Tinkerbellmovie that is being launched. This site allows kids to create their own fairy and have a fairy name.There are a couple cool safety features they have put in place. Firstly you can use a domain name thatwill allow your friends to come and find you and play with you on the site or anywhere on the go network.However the cool part is it is not giving out any personal info as it cannot match your name or anything like that.

The second cool thing is the chat. There has been a lot of talk about games chat windows being a place parents don'trealize are dangerous. Well Disney is using two versions of a special chat. The first being a list of questions and answers youchoose from a list. The other allows you to choose selected words from a list. This gives the flexability of chat to kids but makesit easier to use and since the word list is sensored your kids will not see obscene words.You can check this one out at:


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