Monday, February 04, 2013

Canadian Fashionistas

Are you a Fashionista?  Do you want to be one?  The Canadian Fashionistas want to help.  They have started up a Pinterest, Canadian Fashionistas blog, Twitter and Facebook Page to help you where you are.

Look forward to lots of posts on the latest fashion, tips, tricks and resources, places to  find amazing items at good prices too.

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Legal Places to Watch Tv Shows

Had enough of cable telling you when to watch, or insisting you schedule to save shows?
Well why be tied to cable or satellite and pay hundreds of dollars a month when you can watch all your shows when you want for free.  There are probably less commercials too.

Check out It will filter the shows based on your Geo-location and if you have netflix will even recommend things to watch on Netflix.

Be patient as the myonlineshowssite is in its infancy and the mobile phone version is pretty rough but on a desktop this site is quite easy to navigate and more functionality is coming all the time.

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Places To Rent in Your City

Came across this website that helps people find apartments to rent.  This site looks like a good source to find places across canada.  It also gives it a walkscores based on what it is walking distance from.

Check it out at

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