Friday, November 28, 2008

Christian Facebook?

A while back I wrote a posting on churches and social networking. You can see the link below:

The new trend now is beyond the church. It leads us to Christians wanting to connect on Social Networks outside the church. This leads to tools like Right now it looks a little rough but the idea is great. For those used to old facebook you will find navigation is similar. If you miss the old facebook then this may be an alternative for you too. It is in beta now but I see great things happening here.

If you know of any other social networking applications or have any other tips, tricks, tools you would like shared please email them to Susan Fischer at or Chris Williams at

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Social Networking For Kids

The growing trend seems to be to teach networking to kids when they are young.I came across a few websites where an attempt at this has been made. Both seemto be Disney based but one is miles ahead of the other.

The first is bunnytown. I like the aspect of allowing them to control their bunnyand earn carrots by playing games. They then get to spend their carrots on their homeand decorating their bunny. Its kind of a yoville for kids.

The other is a lot more flashier and has a couple really cool features thatare very ingenious. The site is Pixie Hollow and its out there for the new Tinkerbellmovie that is being launched. This site allows kids to create their own fairy and have a fairy name.There are a couple cool safety features they have put in place. Firstly you can use a domain name thatwill allow your friends to come and find you and play with you on the site or anywhere on the go network.However the cool part is it is not giving out any personal info as it cannot match your name or anything like that.

The second cool thing is the chat. There has been a lot of talk about games chat windows being a place parents don'trealize are dangerous. Well Disney is using two versions of a special chat. The first being a list of questions and answers youchoose from a list. The other allows you to choose selected words from a list. This gives the flexability of chat to kids but makesit easier to use and since the word list is sensored your kids will not see obscene words.You can check this one out at:

If you have any kids social networking sites or just social networking sites in general you want add or even if you have a suggestion for an article please email Susan Fischer at

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

LinkedIn Petition - Please sign it as it seems its the only way LinkedIn may possibly listen

All of us have been complaining but nobody seems to be listening.
The concerns here are only the tip of the iceberg but its a start.

Hope you will sign it and LinkedIn will respond.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Social Media and Selling Records

It seems Radiohead has opened a can of worms but in a good way. Other artists are now getting on board with it.

Niggytardust followed the Radiohead approach of donations for the album.

You can Download The Charlatans' New Album For Free at:

REM is doing similar but with a social networking spin. You have to go to Facebook and use the iLike plugin to download their new album for free.

I think this is an amazing feat. Artists are starting to meet the fans where they live. I hope this is just the start of the new wave of things to come. Keep it coming.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Social Networking Home Edition

We are all so gung ho on growning our networks in business, with friends, but what about your home social network. Especially that with your spouse. Communication with your spose especially in the bedroom is something a lot of people struggle with. That is why I am recommending an 8 part web tv show called "How to make love to your wife" Here is the show synopsis I ripped from their website:

Join us every week as our trusty (and brave) host, Greg, seeks various
solutions to spice up his humdrum sex life in this daring new reality web
series. And his (brave) wife Kathy gets to test out all his new moves and
let us
know what she thinks.

I have watched the first clip and its both funny and informative. Be sure to watch every week at

Monday, February 04, 2008

Discovery Magazine says "If Osama's Only 6 Degrees Away Why Can't We Find Him?

On the weekend I watched the Hunting Party and it makes you wonder about the whole searching for Osama. Discovery Network worded it well.

Could it be that the United States made a deal with him to go hiding and produce tapes here and there to raise Bush's popularity. You never really know. For those who have not watched the Hunting Party yet, I highly recommend it. I don't usually like his movies but I have to say very good movie and very informative as well as entertaining.

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