Tuesday, June 12, 2007

LinkedIn Restrictions

I am sure a lot of you have or will experience this soon. It seems if you use
the Colleage or Classmates feature too often then they restrict you from using it.

If you get this message simply email support and ask them why you are being restricted and when it will be released. If you are not abusing it, then it seems they will release it. They released it for me in 4 days. I think its probably similar to the invitation cap. When you reach it then send them an email and they will review your activity and if you are using it normally then they will increase it.

One of the things I have been suggesting to LinkedIn from the beginning is that they need
to add valuable add-ons so people will want to upgrade.

1) For Groups, if you upgrade them then offer chat, whiteboarding, sharing of files and/or content.
2) As far as content sharing goes, if individuals upgrade then allow them to do moshups.
3) Make a plug-in api. Facebook is doing it, but they made it open to anyone. Being a business network open it up to businesses that want to integrate. YouTube, BlogTV, Flickr, Photobucket integration for profiles.
4) How about ebay.ca integration?
5) How about allowing those who upgrade to store relationship information or tag contacts to make them easier to find. Make them easier to group like you do with offline relationships.

I have been using LinkedIn a lot and pretty early on in the process so I have seen the improvements but this industry moves fast. Let's hope LinkedIn wakes up and smells the coffee and listens to its users. LinkedIn has a large user base and can generate a lot of revenue simply by adding a few more valuable features to the premium edition

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