Thursday, November 08, 2007

LinkedIn Backstabs Its Users Again By Forcing Them To Stop Using LICM

This is yet another example of how linkedin used the early adopters to empower linkedin and make it usable. The lions created their tools and Arnnei Speiser spent endless hours working with people to make it easier for people to use linkedin. If it were not for people like Arnnei then linkedin would not have the millions of users.

I was already pretty frustrated with linkedin with all the minor decisions over the years like not showing the full number of connections.

Opening it up to google search then forcing us to edit our profiles to turn it off.

My guess is this pressure now has a lot to do with opensocial. Basically they want people to use it with linkedin and having a competitor like licm is a bee in their bonnet. But instead of shooting randomly at people it would be better if they would listen to those on the groups that use the tool all the time.

Also, I agree with Arnnei, I entered that info on linkedin. I added those connections I know. That data is mine not just linkedin's.

I would also like to say that a lot of data outside of our profiles is available on google as well. So someone typing in will find a lot of peoples info

As well, I think the issue is with linkedin security not third party apps. Think about it this way. If the bank leaves a file open with your credit card info would you blame the person who takes the open file or the bank for leaving the door open. I would personally blame the bank.

In turn, linkedin is housing a large data warehouse and leaving the keys in the mailbox so someone can scape it is a fault of linkedin. The fact that someone took it

would not be an issue if linkedin was doing its job. Its just linkedin is too lazy to fix the bug and would rather leave it up to us.

If you agree with what I have stated here or have additional comments. I will be glad to publish them here. You can also email them to me at or and I will post your comments here as well.


Anonymous said...

Someone pointed out this article about linkedin planning to restrict its api. Here is a quote from the article you may find interesting:

"To further distance the LinkedIn platform from that of Facebook, money will play a role as LinkedIn has shown interest in generating and sharing revenue through deals with developers. The details of such arrangements have yet to be discussed, however."

Note: the focus on money, so maybe if Arnei was charging money for his app then linkedin could get profit sharing and be happy.

I still have not heard any comments from LinkedIn itself in this matter. I guess they are scared to tell us Lions the truth.

Anonymous said...

Forgot the link here it is now..

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