Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Social Networking Home Edition

We are all so gung ho on growning our networks in business, with friends, but what about your home social network. Especially that with your spouse. Communication with your spose especially in the bedroom is something a lot of people struggle with. That is why I am recommending an 8 part web tv show called "How to make love to your wife" Here is the show synopsis I ripped from their website:

Join us every week as our trusty (and brave) host, Greg, seeks various
solutions to spice up his humdrum sex life in this daring new reality web
series. And his (brave) wife Kathy gets to test out all his new moves and
let us
know what she thinks.

I have watched the first clip and its both funny and informative. Be sure to watch every week at http://www.slice.ca/love

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