Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LinkedIn Enhanced Security Measures?

I logged into linkedin this morning and saw the security banner:

To change your password and take advantage of our enhanced security measures, click here.

I clicked on the link and it prompts for the email address. I enter email address click on the button.
It then tells me it emailed me and prompts to click the button to check my email. This takes me to hotmail but no email arrived. Even checked my Junk Mail. Is this enhanced security measure working? Are too many people clicking it that the email server is not keeping up?

I hope its the latter that would show the amount of people concerned about their security. I look forward to comments.

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Wright Hand Blogger said...

I saw the same message from Linkedin.

Interestingly, it appeared AFTER I'd changed my password - which I'd done based on earlier news about the 6.5 Million leaked|stolen passwords and just prior to Linkedin's acknowledgement.

When I saw the message you reference, I followed Linkedin's procedures, received the email, and was able to validate a new password.

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