Saturday, May 20, 2006

Entrepeneurs and Venture Capitalist Links

Entrepeneurs and venture captialists have a great need to network. If you have a link that would be useful for these groups of networkers that you would like to recommend, please let me know at

The following are links to help entrepeneurs and venture capitalists create and develop your network:


Only two out of a hundred new venture business plans written with the objective of raising seed finance succeed in doing so. Yet all investors, from business angels to large-scale investment houses report a shortage of worthwhile projects. The reason for this perceived paradox is that entrepreneurs fail to create a compelling presentation to potential investors. ClearStartup is a special programme, created for people that want to develop a compelling business opportunity into a fundable wealth-creating and sustainable business. It will prepare you to cover the aspects required to prepare a business model and business plan and create a compelling presentation that will get the attention of professional investors. Their objective is to foster your entrepreneurial culture and where possible to contribute to the success of your venture.


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