Saturday, May 20, 2006

Online Networking Websites

Online networking websites, such as LinkedIn, SoFlow and many others can be great sources of meeting new people with similar interests. I recommend joining general purpose social networking sites such as LinkedIn as well as others that meet your specific network needs.

If you have an online networking website you would like to recommend, that would help people learn to network please let me know at

The following are online networking groups to help your create and develop your network:


  • Squidoo OneNetworking, - Anita Cohen-Williams has an extensive link of social networking sites, I recommend you check it out.

  • Wallop - This site is the new kid on the block but it looks fabulous. Being a .NET Developer, I am very excited about this site. Look for an article to come soon.

  • MommyBuzz - This site caters to moms who wish to social network with other moms.

  • BakeSpace - This site caters to chefs wanting to social network with other chefs to share recipes and tips. You don't have to be a professional chef to join

  • LinkedIn With over 6 million users this site is bound to have people that are from your country or have your interests. If you would like to join my network simply send me request at I am open to helping others with their networking needs.

  • Open Networkers Collective X Group To join this group you need to first check out the open networkers group.
  • Social Networking Portal Collecive X Group This group requires an invitation. Simply email me at and I will invite you.


Coaching Communities

  • Coachville Community The world's largest hub for life, business and executive coaches. They provide resources and training for the world's best coaches.

Business Networks

Spiritual Networks

Friends Networks

Insert Online Networking Website Here - Now its up to you. Do you have any online networking groups for me to add? If so, email them to me at and I will add them to this posting Let's help each other make good use of online networking websites so we can help each other succeed in networking.

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