Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Musicians and Social Networking

It seems musicians are getting back to grassroots approaches to reach fans and sell records.
In the early days of music, artists sold their own wares, reached out to audiences to sell to and perform to. Through social networking software like YouTube, BlogTv, blogs, wikis, or simply leaving USB Keys in Washrooms, bands are reaching out to share their music and its paying off.

The Arcade Fire album Neon Bible, leaked out on the internet early and fans got a taste of the album. They also provided a 1-888-neon-bible number on their website so fans could listen to tracks on their phone that is why it was a number one album in Canada upon release, people knew what they were buying.

The internet is the new community and Musicians that make the transition are doing quite well.
Check out the Nine Inch Nails wiki

Here is hoping more musicians will come on board and do the same.

For any bands interested in performing live via webcam or doing interactive sessions please contact You can peform online wherever you are for free, they even have a studio set up and a web cam so you could even perform on site and broadcast.

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