Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Appearance is still everything even in the new millenium

One of the keys of networking is appearance. People are more likely to approach people they are like. The first thing people see is your appearance. Next its your personality. You could have an amazing personality but if you dress like a slob or have a goti or beard and possibly a shaved head people immediately think you are some punk, skin head, gang member. It leads them to put their back up. Wonder what are they going to do.

At the Learning Annex, one of the things I learned was to clean up your messes. "Messes lock energy flow" one of the speakers said. So keep your desk neat, keep your appearance neat, keep all aspects of your life neat and you will be successful.

Here is another example of appearance. People are always putting up signs to try and inform people of issues like the homeless crisis in Toronto. It took a local artist, Mark Daye to show people a lesson, they were used to seeing posters so they ignored them. They were used to common street signs and read them for safety reasons. He has joined the two to spread awareness. "Please keep our streets clean, over 818 people have to sleep on them." This sign appeared in a plastic street sign hung around the city of Toronto this Tuesday April 3, 2007.
By end of day they will probably be gone. But the point is people saw them. They made the newspaper. He stood out, made a difference by making his signs appear to conform to their surroundings.

I guess that is the key. Look like you belong to the norm and change it from within. The other thing I have learned is always ask for the manager, ordinary workers do not have any power to help you in the Customer Service areas no matter how hard they try and convince you. The best trick in getting to a manager is to say you are recording the call and will be sending it on to the proper people. A manager or supervisor will be on the phone very quickly. A that point shut off the recording device and you will get helped.

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