Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gist Workarounds

I have been playing with the beta version and as I found issues I will list them here and the workarounds if I find one.

1) If you have a contact with a very long name and you click on it to get to detail view. You will not be able to edit the contact name as the jquery edit icon will disappear on hover.
WORK AROUND: Look up the contact in the list view and the edit icon works well there to let you rename them.

2) Since Chris Williams is popular, I am running into the issue that Gist automatically took the other chris williams and merged them to me. If it is a contact that has the same name it will ask but not for your account.
WORK AROUND: You will have to create separate contact yourself and vary the name slightly maybe Christopher Williams or put in an initial or a number after it.

If you have any tips regarding Gist please insert them here.

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