Thursday, June 24, 2010

ViaSoc Media Review

I got invited by a friend to check out ViaSoc. I registered and logged in and got verified.

Next I invited a couple people I knew.

As any user, I like to test drive before wanting to upgrade but any time I click on a member I get the "Sorry, you don't have the appropriate credentials to access this page. To access this page please change your Member Level credentials".

My first response to this page was to edit my account details. I saw the different levels but could not find a description on what each level gives me. What is the killer functionality that will make me upgrade. If its only access to member details then why don't I just use Facebook or Linked In?

I look forward to hearing what other members think about these limitations. I would also love to hear from ViaSoc itself on what the differences are between the Member Levels.

If you wish to contact us please email Chris Williams at or Susan Fischer at

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Viasoc Admin said...

Hi. I'm the owner of Viasoc Media. Thank you for your remark. I have created a video overview of our premium section:
If any questions arise feel free to contact me.

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