Thursday, July 26, 2007

Facebook News

As a follower of social networking trends, there are a couple of interesting stories I would like to share with my network.

Firstly, I came across this article below. It looks like people are starting to tire of LinkedIn not offereing some of the features of facebook and are starting to jump and use this tool for both personal and business networks. Although facebook is not there and from the looks of things is not really in that demographic, I am sure someone could spin a new social networking engine based on facebook called business book.

Secondly, I came across this other article on the new article on facebook hiring a new finance boss and are possible looking to IPO. This is going to be a hot stock to have especially if google does what I am predicting and buys them.

There is a lot happening in this space finally. The thing I find interesting with this space is that the customers are well advanced of the applications out there. The need to catch up is staggering. I think this is the year it will hit big so the big players need to get their act together or someone else is going to come up and steal the show. Its all an open race right now and anyone can win.

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