Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Social Networking Search Engines

I saw a posting on one of the mailing lists I am on asking about various Social Networking Search Engine and Profile Collaboration Tools. Below are some of the ones mentioned. I checked them out and commented on them below:

Streakr - This is an interesting search tool as it searches myspace and other networking tools.
I found that what is missing is a public link to my profile like you get on facebook or linkedin.
I like to place these links on my sites so people can find me. But overall I was impressed.

ProfileLinker - This tool looks like they are trying to allow you to link all your
profiles in one place. I have added my linkedin and facebook profiles here.
You can access my profile linker profile at: http://www.profilelinker.com/chrisw_88

Wink - This is a search engine for people but you don't have to register to use it.
I did a search for men and found me quickly which is pretty good considering how many chris williams there are in Toronto.

UpScoop - I am always leary of giving social networking engines my email address on various sources and allowing them to grab all my contacts. If anyone knows if this one is good please let me know.

If you have any more you would like me to check out or you recommend please email them to me at chris.williams@clinchportal.com or chrisw_88@hotmail.com

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