Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Social Network Agregators

I came across this article on Social Network Agregators at:

I took a look at some of the tools they refer to and gave my thoughts on them.
I have not checked them all out either due to them being down, having to download some tool, or simply not enough hours in a day. I am hoping to get through the rest of them this week.


SpokeoInteresting touch being one letter off from spoke. This is so far my favorite. I have just started using it but I like the way it brought in all my content from the other systems. I only added a couple and wish to add more but I am having trouble finding that option again. If you know how to do this email me at

SocialURL : I have not checked it out a lot but allowing me to put the links to my profiles in one spot was a nice touch.


profilactic : This one shows the percent like me, which is an interesting addition. The new 2.0 version just got released on July 13.

iStalkr : This would be a good site for stalkers to find people I guess. I went there this morning to check it out again but its getting php/apache errors. Will have to try later. If you have any opinions on this one please let me know. : The facebook integration is a nice touch. : Its cool that you can search by name but it would be good if it offered region or other ways to reduce the number of search items

Naymz : Its interesting how they tie in reputation.


minggl : Unfortunately with this one you have to install a toolbar and I don't really want another toolbar on my system.

PeopleAggregator : Seems to be down

8hands : Unfortunately you have to download this one so I have not checked it out.

Second Brain : Still in pilot mode. I have not received my invitation yet but I am waiting.







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Harry said...

Just press "Add" on the bottom of the buddy list (subscription list). Then you can add and track any feed, blog, album, or profile on Spokeo. In the same "Add" screen, you can also import friends all at once.

The buddy list is modeled after AIM's buddy list. You can drag and drop buddies to reorder, group, merge, and modify your subscriptions. And any other functionality is accessible through the right-click menu.

Jeff Pontes Social Media Search